Creative Mindful Movement

This online course is yours to go through at your own pace from the comfort of home.

'Different Faces of you'

Self discovery through mindful creative movement

Using music as our stimulus, this course offers guided mindful meditation and creative mindful movement to take you on a journey into different undiscovered characters within yourself.  This class encourages you to use your body being playful and curious, using your imagination to adventure to different places, times, and bodies and then to reflect on what could be learned or brought forwards with you in your day-to-day experience. 


This course is great for those who already have a creative practice directly using the body such as actors and dancers but also those who want to explore their creative practice in an alternative way such as writers or painters- this course uses the body as a vehicle to explore your own imagined world and build up these experiences to expand and enhance your work,  whilst offering escapism and greater wellbeing.

£30 for 6 online classes

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