Mindful Pilates

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Joseph Pilates created the Pilates Method in the early part of the 20th Century as a way of restoring and strengthening the body against illness.

The original Pilates Repertoire was a series of 34 moves, with the movement coming from a strong centre, using control and lateral breathing to support the spine.

Jo believed “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible”.

Meaning the key to staying youthful is keeping mobility in your joints.

The principles of Pilates are…

Breath, Concentration, Control, Precision,

Centre and Flow.

My Mindful Pilates classes like to honour the traditional Pilates repertoire whilst incorporating in gentle yoga stretches between movements and flowing sequences.  With great attention throughout on maintaining body awareness and working to your own limits bringing mindful appreciation to where you are in body and mind today. 


I start and follow each class with a mindful mediation, beginning by grounding and centering the practice and closing as part of a continued cool down so you leave class feeling balanced and refreshed in body and mind.

My mixed ability classes only require you to have a Mat, comfortable clothing and space to move. No fancy kit required as you will use the resistance of you own body weight to work hard.

Progressions and adaptions are given throughout the class but please fill out a PARQ form (below) before joining so I am aware of special conditions and injuries in advance.

Online Mixed Ability Mindful Pilates class
  • Thursday 10.00-11.00am

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