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My Background and how I got here

Performance & Creativity

From an early age I trained in classical & contemporary dance, and still credit my dance teacher as fostering the start of my mind body connection.  As well as being a creative space dance helped me form body habits for life in posture, alignment, and a motivation to always have a strong body with positive health habits.

Get up! Move, and have fun!


I was then drawn to theatre, completing a theatre training and developing a passion for physical theatre and devising. I particularly enjoyed physically exploring a character using clown and comedy. 


I still explore this professionally producing my own comic physical theatre shows, touring one-woman theatre shows, family theatre, street theatre and cabaret.

All my performance involves large characters with a strong physicality, bringing the character into the body and following with curiosity where it will go! I love alternative or wildcard characters the most.

I'm also a keen writer and have been noting down ideas for shows and characters for years although most recently I've starting writing novels too!

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Health, wellbeing & Mindfulness
I qualified as a Pilates Mat work instructor in 2012, with the Pilates Institute London, becoming a Registered Exercise Professional.  This journey began in my early 20’s whilst I was busy following my ambition to make theatre shows, I happened upon a local class, and came away feeling strong, calm and centered.  The ingredients of Pilates with its emphasis on flow, focus, coordination, balance, flexibility and strengthening, meant it became my exercise method for life, and teaching others the many benefits of a regular Pilates Practice.
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I discovered Mindfulness in my early 30’s. I had had a difficult period in my mid 20’s involving both my professional & personal life, and completing the 8 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program helped me turn a corner.


I've found maintaining a mindfulness practice nurtures my creativity and helps cultivate an awareness of thoughts & feelings, listening with gentle curiosity to the body, which I believe is an integral part of self-care.


I qualified as an accredited teacher with the UK College for Mindfulness Meditation & Central England College in early 2020, and as well as teaching I continue to delve deeper into my own practice and learning, please see my Qualifications, Accreditations, and affiliations below.

My ambition for Sylvia's Mindful Space is to bring together all my experience and talents to offer you inspiring mindful practices which bring you greater wellbeing and creative energy.

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  • Performing Arts BA Hons
  • Level 3 Pilates Mat work Instructor
  • Cert Pilates Barre
  • Accredited Mindfulness Teacher
  • Adv Cert Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Stress management 
  • Cert Stress management
  • Cert Problem Focused Counselling, and coaching
  • Cert Health & Wellbeing Coaching 


  • Central YMCA Qualifications
  • Mindfulness Now Programme
  • Central England College
  • Jpilates Training & Education
  • Centre for Stress Management
  • UK Centre for Mindfulness Meditation


  • British Psychological Society
  • International School for  Coaching Psychology
  • Equity Actors Union
  • Register for Exercise Professionals
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