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Space for you and your mindfulness practice.

Supporting you in promoting health & wellbeing, and journeying with you as you engage in your undiscovered  creative self.

Sylvia’s Mindful Space is a place for artists and non-artists to give themselves permission for creative self-discovery through mindful awareness. 

Using meditation, movement, and reflective creative activities, all conducted with a sense of childlike exploration. 


These online and in person classes and courses are perfect for adults who are curious to explore their undiscovered imaginative self, offering greater physical strength and freedom, whilst dissolving stress and anxiety and bringing clarity to thoughts through different mindful practices.


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Meditation Journey Workshop

Thursday 23rd September
Online session

Like my other workshop sessions we’ll be using mindfulness, creative thinking, journeying, drawing and adventuring in to your imagination. The sessions are great at unlock your manifesting potential, and helping you to find solutions and new ways to explore your way forward.
Forest Trees


This Autumn I'm launching a new in-person 'Mindfulness For Creativity' course at Soul Spa in Bath,UK.


Coming Soon... downloadable as audio's from this site  'Meditation Journey Workshops' with music by Aaron Buckley

Meditation Journey workshop

This monthly workshop is for you to immerse yourself in your own creative imagined thoughts. Using guided Mindful meditation and different creative stimuluses, reflecting with sketching and writing.

1-1 Sessions

We can work together to create bespoke classes for you in Mindfulness or Creative Mindful Coaching.  With individual recorded meditations and activities for you to do between sessions. 


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